Hand of Paradox No.2 #Black

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Image of Hand of Paradox No.2 #Black

Hand of Paradox is a new pair of art prints from Chinese artist Nini Sum’s Yin Yang silkscreen series. This group is made up of two parts: a black, and a white piece. These two pieces complete each other.

Yin Yang is a new series of paired black and white images, that were inspired by ancient Taoist philosophy. In line with the other prints from this series, Hand Of Paradox examines the connection between natural forces and human power. The hands that are illustrated in the print can be seen as both palms and the backs of hands. The image is open to interpretation and is intended to inspire the viewer to find different meanings when viewing the artwork.

The artist asks us: do absolute extremes and polar opposites really exist? Can things in this world be described so simply as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad? The universe is endless with seemingly infinite possibilities – how much can we really control? And in which manner do we interact with the world? Do we go with its natural flow, or do we follow the rules set by man?

Hand of Paradox Video Link:

Contributor & Videographer: Leon Yan
Photographers: Leon Yan, Banny Wang
Big Thanks to www.neocha.com for support!

Title: Hand Of Paradox No.2 #Black
Artist: Nini Sum  
Paper Size: 30x30 cm 
Edition:  44 each
Double Color Silk Screen Printed on 
330gsm Acid Free Paper  
Signed and numbered by the artist


*All hand printed by the artist herself at IdleBeats Shanghai.

*Unique elements introduced through the hand-printing process make no two prints exactly the same.

*All IdleBeats posters will be shipped with paper tube in 3 days after transaction via China Post EMS service, arriving worldwide within 10-20 days. The package is track-able online, a tracking number will be sent to you via mail.


Image of Hand of Paradox No.2 #Black Image of Hand of Paradox No.2 #Black Image of Hand of Paradox No.2 #Black Image of Hand of Paradox No.2 #Black