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MOON MAD is an indie-published music zine, a collaboration between Chinese artist Nini Sum(IdleBeats) and musician Faded Ghost.

Using the same method of creation: recording, sampling, collaging then re-constructing and re-creating, Nini Sum and Faded Ghost exploited their expertise in art and music, together created the parallel world of MOON MAD. It's a riso zine with its own soundtrack, as well as a music album with surreal visual sceneries and an open story line.

• The Spiritual World of MOON MAD
“Exploring feelings and experiences of the sun and moon at different latitudes around the globe and the collisions of sound, culture and technology in these regions, MOON MAD looks at the power of tidal fluctuations caused by the position of the moon, and the effect this has on language, the calendar, art and mythology, as well as the weather and seasons, and the effect this has on the mood and intrinsic energy of an individual as well as a group.”

• About the Artworks
Taking Faded Ghost's 11 tracks from the album as inspiration, Nini created 11 corresponding artworks. The sampling in both artworks and music come from same regions and cultural backgrounds: The praying hands, the connection between human and nature(& super-nature), the spiritual activities across different cultures are the common threads that run through both music and art creation. The artist took photos and image samplings from the internet and made 12 digital collages(including cover). These surreal imageries, together with music, forms up an open and free fantasy world.

• About the Medium
Years of working together on music & art collaborations, Nini Sum and Faded Ghost never stop exploring and inventing the possibilities of cross-over projects. Especially when music is more digitalized, and the traditional format such as CD becomes less popular, what is the best physical format for a release? As an art book, MOON MAD zine not only visualized the music but also expanded the dimension of it, as an indie-publication, it's risograph-printed and released in limited edition, which made it an individual art piece and valuable collector's item. Each zine also contains one unique download code to MOON MAD digital album, which merges two releases into one, and makes the music listening easy and free.

• Special Printing Technique - Risograph
Risograph aka RISO printing is a high-speed, photocopier meets mimeograph printing system. It can duplicate prints from the built in scanning bed, but also has the ability to be used as network printer, which is very appealing to designers and illustrators when producing editions or self-published comics, zines and books. The underlying technology of a Risograph is very similar to that of screen printing. It also creates micro imperfections in printing. Similar to spontaneity or even comparable to how improvisation in jazz can be an unexpected but pleasant result.

MOON MAD is produced by Shanghai’s ‘Pausebread' Press, 7" format(18.5 x 18.5cm) 28 pages, in an edition of 150. 


Image of MOON MAD - art/music riso zine Image of MOON MAD - art/music riso zine Image of MOON MAD - art/music riso zine Image of MOON MAD - art/music riso zine