Go Big Shadow City


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Go Big Shadow City is a collaboration between IdleBeats’ Nini Sum and Beijing rock band Alpine Decline. Nini created and hand screen printed this art print, taking the music of their namesake album as inspiration.


◎This piece is screen printed on the laser cardboard experimentally. Under different lighting conditions, the rainbow visual effect on the cardboard change irregularly, according to the change of perspective.

◎It’s a both real and surreal portrayal of contemporary urban life - The burning fire men are distributed at the 12 positions of the clock, checking their own screens, following the prescribed order of a circumferential operation, tick - tock, tick - tock…This cycle repeats itself and infinitum.The human faces are the symbols of spirit, they are sleeping calmly in the astonishingly coloured streaming that surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city.


Go Big Shadow City is released with a nice paragraph from our featuring guest writer: Faded Ghost, translated by Forced Focus

Go Big Shadow City
by Faded Ghost
translated by Forced Focus

From new born to returning to dust,
Every single minute and second on earth,
People tirelessly exploring the meaning of life

Composition of fragment from the past, life is
Though by cities,
fragments are turned into virtual existence

Speeding up vigorously,
wishing to exceed the possibility that native power endows us

Wandering and wandering,
eventually couldn't walk out of the circle of life

in its own manner

Bring all into peace


Title: Go Big Shadow City
Artist: Nini Sum 
Paper Size: 50x50 cm
Edition:  20
Silk Screen on 300gsm Hologram Laser Paper
Signed and numbered by the artist


*All hand printed by the artist herself at IdleBeats Shanghai.

*Unique elements introduced through the hand-printing process make no two prints exactly the same.

*All IdleBeats posters will be shipped with paper tube in 3 days after transaction via China Post EMS service, arriving worldwide within 10-20 days. The package is track-able online, a tracking number will be sent to you via mail.

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Image of Go Big Shadow City Image of Go Big Shadow City Image of Go Big Shadow City Image of Go Big Shadow City