Alley Walk -a series of 3 art prints #IdleBeatsClassic#

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Image of Alley Walk -a series of 3 art prints #IdleBeatsClassic#

Alley Walk is a series of 3 art prints, created and hand-printed by Shanghai-based artist Nini Sum at IdleBeats studio during 2013-2015. Limited edition of 18 sets only.

IdleBeats studio has already been making every art print with their own hands ever since its been founded in 2009. Nini sees the ‘repeating’ and ‘edition’ of print making corresponding perfectly to the mass-production and depersonalization in the material world nowadays. Meanwhile, on the contrary, the involvement of hands in the printing process on purpose seems almost as a symbol of anti-industry, which brings a sign of life into the repeated images. The one and only texture of each print left by the artist represents the soul and the individuality of man kind. It throws light on prints, as the force of humanity lights up as a torch in the era of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, although at first glance each piece of Alley Walk look almost the same, every edition has actually its own appearance with traces left from the artist’s during the hand-making process.


- The Creation Background of Alley Walk -

The artist chose the overhead view to record the observation of city life as a bystander. However the trace of hand printing at the same time uncovered her existence in the art work, invisibly around the characters. The lively color palette is the instinct pick of urban life. The walking people repeating themselves over and over again, shaping up a fixed direction and route. These characters are the passengers in the streets, also the artist herself, as well as every one of us living in the city.

Alley Walk is a portrait of all urban livings at a frozen moment, and everyone’s repeating but unique way of living.


▸ Artprint Information

Title: Alley Walk
Artist:Nini Sum (IdleBeats)
Size:51 x 37cm
Paper:300g Off white art paper
Color: Blue,Pink,Green
Edition:18 each
Signed and numbered by the artist


*All hand printed by the artist herself at IdleBeats Shanghai.

*Unique elements introduced through the hand-printing process make no two prints exactly the same.

*All IdleBeats posters will be shipped with paper tube in 3 days after transaction via China Post EMS service, arriving worldwide within 10-20 days. The package is track-able online, a tracking number will be sent to you via mail.

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Image of Alley Walk -a series of 3 art prints #IdleBeatsClassic# Image of Alley Walk -a series of 3 art prints #IdleBeatsClassic# Image of Alley Walk -a series of 3 art prints #IdleBeatsClassic# Image of Alley Walk -a series of 3 art prints #IdleBeatsClassic#